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Can Dogs Eat Almonds

Can dogs eat almonds

  • Dogs can eat¬†almonds

Can dogs eat almonds?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat almonds?

Dogs can eat almonds!

Most dogs will eat most everything. Even if its bad for them. Fortunately Almonds is not one of those bad things. Now before you hand your dog a bag of almonds to chow down or before you think about switching good old bones for almonds, there are some effects you should be aware of when it comes to dogs and almonds. While a dog will not die from eating almonds, you may not want to be around them after they do.

Almonds will can cause some dogs to have gastric intestinal distress, which in layman’s terms means bad gas. If enough almonds are ingested this can also lead to soft stools and loss of bowl control – aka accidental pooping indoors (probably somewhere inconvenient). While you probably don’t want to give your dog hand fulls of almonds, you do not need to rush your doggy to doggy hospital to have his doggy stomach pumped.

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