Can Dogs Eat Nuts

Can dogs eat nuts

  • Dogs SHOULD NOT eat nuts

Can dogs eat nuts?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat nuts?

Dogs should not eat nuts!

You might be thinking if it is safe for your dog to eat nuts. The answer is no since nuts can harm your dogs and it is best to keep them away. Almost every nut contains a lot of fats which can delay the digestion of your dog and cause stomach ache. It can also cause the kidneys to fail because of the high amount of fats that the pancreas cannot keep up.

Small pieces of nuts can also block the intestine of your dogs when not properly digested. It can also cause an allergic reaction which can cause the narrowing of the airway and eventually lead to death.

Nuts also contain a toxic substance that when ingested by dogs can be detrimental. Some nuts even cause vascular disease, seizures, muscle paralysis and vomiting.

Though there are some nuts that would be fine for your dogs to have, experts suggest to completely remove the nuts from your dog’s diets in order to prevent any problems that your dog might experience.

If your dog accidentally ingests nuts, it would be best to check what nuts did they eat and observe if there are some changes that will take effect. If you notice some unusual changes or behaviors, it would be then best to take your dog to a veterinarian to have a thorough check up. It might cause a lot if your dog needs to undergo surgery just because of some piece of nut. It would also be advisable to place any nuts in a sealed container and free from your dog’s reach. Some dogs are really smart that they can still reach high places so make sure you also hide the nuts so that your dogs cannot see them. Prevention is better than cure and it is much cheaper.

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  1. Although dogs can eat nuts, some dogs are allergic to nuts, and can have serious negative reactions.

    It is sometimes best not to risk giving nuts to your dog.


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