Can Dogs Drink Beer

Can dogs drink beer

  • Dogs can not drink beer

Can dogs drink beer?

you may ask yourself can my dog drink beer?

Dogs can not drink beer!

Definitely not since beer has the same effects on dogs as on human beings. Beer contains a lot of unhealthy stuff which can be fatal for your dog. Beer is designed for human consumption only and should not be given to your dogs at any cost.
Beers as wells as other alcoholic beverages can cause diarrhea, vomiting, muscle weakness and difficulty breathing. It can also cause some serious life threatening problems such as depression of the nervous system and coma.
It only takes a few sips of beer to see its effect on your dogs. Some signs of alcohol toxicity include decrease in body temperature, decreased blood pressure, difficulty breathing, alcohol breathe and difficulty breathing. If your dog accidentally drinks beer, it would be best to take him to the nearest dog clinic for further observation and treatment. Continuous monitoring might be needed for dogs that have ingested a lot of beer. The smaller the dog is the greater its effect and the more life threatening.
Be a responsible dog owner, don’t let your dog drink beer even if it is just occasional. It would be best to enjoy it for yourself than letting your dog have some sips of it and later on suffering from some serious problems.

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