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Can dogs eat turkey bones?

Can dogs eat turkey bones

  • Dogs can NOT eat turkey bones

Can dogs eat turkey bones?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat turkey bones?

Dogs can NOT eat turkey bones!

You supply your pet dog with meat almost every day. Are you planning to bring a change and treat with turkey bones occasionally? Hearing the word “bone” gives us the impression that it is actually meant for dogs.

Dogs love playing around with bones and even love chewing them. But are these bones safe for your canine friend? Can dogs eat turkey bones? Have you ever thought about all this? Do you feel that bones are good for your canine friend?

If you think that giving bones to your dogs is a good and healthy idea, think again. Have you ever considered about the dangers turkey bones can trigger? Surprised? Shocked? Don’t be because the reality is bones be it chicken bones, beef bones, steak bones or turkey bones, all are harmful for your dog’s consumption.

Why turkey bones are considered dangerous? Turkey bones have sharp edges which account to injury in dog’s tongue, gums and other areas of his/her mouth. It is extremely painful and requires immediate medical assistance.

Moreover, bones are hard which might fracture your pet dog’s teeth and it requires root canal or root extraction. Would you mind spending some extra dollars for your dog? These complicated situations can be easily avoided by not giving turkey bones to your dog.

Because turkey bones become brittle and breaks down very easily after cooking, there is the risk of the broken bones getting stuck in your pet’s throat and even in the intestinal tract. These are serious issues that can be fatal too. Don’t treat your dog with turkey bones and avoid such situations.

Post by: Adrian Sau

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