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can dogs eat sticks

Can dogs eat sticks

  • Dogs can NOT eat sticks

Can dogs eat sticks?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat sticks?

Dogs can NOT eat sticks!

Dogs should not be eating a whole stick, however that does not mean that if they chew on a stick while playing fetch, and happen to swallow little pieces, it is the end of the world.  A lot of times dogs will not actually try to eat the entire stick, and will just chew on it in order to play with it.

If your dog enjoys chewing on sticks, only give your dog a stick when you are present.

The biggest problems with dogs eating sticks is that splinters that come off them, and embed themselves into your dogs mouth, and throat.

If a splinter gets stuck in your dogs mouth it will cause your dog some pain and discomfort, but is still easy to remove.

However if the splinter gets stuck in your dogs throat, it will cause a lot of pain, and you will need to go to a vet to have it removed.

Post by: Adrian Sau

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157 Responses to “can dogs eat sticks”

  • Sasha says:


    • Dog Food says:

      Nothing bad will happen from your dog chewing on the sticks, but if he keeps eating them, you may want to teach him not to, and give him something else he can chew on

  • Errico says:

    My dog always chews on sticks in the back yard. I have never had any problems with him having splinters in his mouth.

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