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can dogs eat scrambled eggs

Can dogs eat scrambled eggs

  • Dogs can eat scrambled eggs

Can dogs eat scrambled eggs?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat scrambled eggs?

Dogs can eat scrambled eggs!

Dogs can eat scrambled eggs, however do not mix this up with an omelet   Scrambled eggs are healthy for dogs, and contain many nutrients that dogs need.

Omelets on the other hand are a mixture of scrambled eggs, salt, pepper, and other spices.  These can be dangerous for dogs because dogs cannot eat salt, pepper, onions, or many other ingredients commonly found in an omelet.

If you do give your dog eggs, do not give your dog too many.

For more information on eggs please visit the can dogs eat eggs page

Post by: Adrian Sau

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139 Responses to “can dogs eat scrambled eggs”

  • Neal says:

    I gave my dog some egg and he loved it!

  • TerriB says:

    I researched dry dog foods and decided on one to feed our new doggie (1.5 yr. poodle/spaniel mix) and of course it was from Costco where everything is huge! Turns out she doesn’t like dry food so what I did to get her to eat it until I find something else is mix it with egg and some Iams gravy and 2 tbsp. of quinoa (cooked) and then cook everything together. She loves it! My question is how many whole eggs a week is max. for a 10kg dog? and also would egg whites be ok daily? (rather than the whole egg) for me the ideal would be to feed her this for breakfast and the new moist food for dinner (I hear Costco also has a very highly rated moist food by Kirkland)

    For treats I like to give her apple, cucumber, carrot and lettuce… plus the occassional prepackaged treat ie: chicken tenders.

  • bruno says:

    eggs are healthy for dogs.

  • Burton Graces says:

    Oh my goodness! an amazing article dude.

  • beg says:

    scrambled eggs can be good for dogs.

  • Marierose says:

    Dogs can eat any type of eggs, including scrambled eggs.

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