Can dogs eat pretzels

Can dogs eat pretzels

  • Dogs should not eat pretzels
  • Dogs can eat pretzels but they are high in salt, and so they are unhealthy 

Can dogs eat pretzels?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat pretzels?

Dogs can eat pretzels! (However it is not recommended)

Dogs can eat pretzels however because of the salt sprinkles on pretzels, they are unhealthy.

Too much salt is toxic for dogs, so if you do give a pretzel try to take off the salt sprinkles first.

Post by: Adrian Sau

14 comments on “Can dogs eat pretzels

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    i completely agree with you.

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    if they are salty, you should not.

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    if there is no salt, then the dog can eat it.

  4. -

    pretzels that are unsalted are ok.

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    They are very salty, and salt is not good for dogs.

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    salty products are bad for dogs.

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    Thank you very much

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    I give them to my dog, He is fine.

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    its better if u just give their dog food.

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    so only un-salted are safe?

    If I take off the salt it should not be harmful?

    • - Post author

      That is right,
      If it us unsalted, it should be fine.

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    If they are anything like my dog,then they can eat pretzel 😉

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    People food is not a great idea for many reasons…

    A pretzel might be ok for dogs, but I would not.

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