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can dogs eat pineapples

Can dogs eat pineapples

  • Dogs can eat pineapples

Can dogs eat pineapples?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat pineapples?

Dogs can eat pineapples!

Dogs can actually eat pineapples but it is not recommended to make it a habit unless authorized by a vet.

Different dogs react to the pineapples differently and in some cases, vets will recommend you to feed the dog with pineapples or its juice if the pet has a habit of eating its poop.

Some dogs may react differently and the pineapple may cause diarrhea because of the high sugar content but that is just as far as it goes. The upsets are not in anyway life threatening and if your dog will not like it, it will show you in future. When the pineapple is digested, it develops a taste that puts the dog’s off according to most vets and this will basically refrain it from eating its own poo if it has made it a habit. Make sure you consult with a vet for more information to find out if your dog in particular, may react differently.

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