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Can dogs eat grass

Can dogs eat grass

  • Dogs can eat grass
  • grass causes dogs to through up
  • Dog will eat grass if their stomach is upset

Can dogs eat grass?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat grass?

Dogs can eat grass! and it is actually very natural for them to do it. If dogs have an upset stomach, they will often start eating grass to help settle it down, or to entice throwing up.

If your dog is feeling sick, and starts to eat grass, try to keep it away from grass that has been sprayed with pesticides.  (Eating sprayed grass can cause your dog to become poisoned) 

You should also keep your dog away from crab-grass, or other thick grasses.  (The sides of the grass become like blades, and can cut up your dogs mouth)

If your dog is eating a large amount of grass, it is best to keep an eye on it, because it is usually followed by throw up.

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