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Can dogs eat eggs

Can dogs eat eggs

  • Dogs can eat eggs
  • Dogs can eat raw, and cooked eggs, however raw eggs can be dangerous
  • Eggs are healthy for dogs

Can dogs eat eggs?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat eggs?

Dogs can eat eggs! In fact, eggs are healthy for dogs!

Some people say that you can feed your dog raw eggs, (which by themselves are perfectly harmless) however there is a chance that there may be bacteria on, or in the egg when it is raw.  (much like humans can eat raw eggs, but are told to cook before eating due to the same bacteria)

Because of an egg’s protein levels, eggs are very healthy for dogs, as long as you do not over feed them.  In a dogs natural habitat, they often ear whole eggs, including the shell.  (the shell is not advised to be given as it is usually the place that carries the most bacteria)

Eggs are also said to help make a dogs fur shine.  Some people recommend to give your dog at least one egg per week to help keep up an all natural shine.

If you do feed your dog raw eggs, try not to include the egg shell,m or the egg whites.  The egg shell contains a lot of bacteria, and the egg whites are hard for dogs to digest.

If you are feeding a cooked egg to your dog, the dog can eat any part (including the shell) however most dogs do not like the shell, and my leave it behind.

Cool to know:

  •  Many dog food, and dog treat produces include egg in their food.
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