Can dogs eat edamame

Can dogs eat edamame

  • Dogs can eat edamame
  • edamame causes dogs to get bloated and have gas

Can dogs eat edamame?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat edamame?

Dogs can eat edamame! (but it is not recommended)

Dogs are able to digest edamame; however edamame causes dogs to feel bloated and have bad gas.

If the edamame beans are taken out of their shell, and are unsalted/unspiced, then they are fine for dogs.

For small dogs, make sure you watch your dog after giving them a edamame bean, because they can be a choaking hazard.

If you do feed dogs edamame, only give them a small amount.

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16 comments on “Can dogs eat edamame

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    My little 16# dog loves them and has had no problems at all. He shares mine which are plain out of the shell

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    o_o – I searched and found it. Thanks for the post.

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    your post is interesting and useful.

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    I would assume they could, but they are hard so i dont think the dog would like them.

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    edamame is not really a dog food.

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    edamames are hard, so your dog likely wont enjoy it.

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    edamame beans are hard, and dogs will not like them.

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    I guess you could give edamame to you dog, but your dog wont like them…

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    not sure why you would want to give them to the dog…

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    Edamame beans are very hard, make sure your dog does not choke on them… I would stay away from feeding them to a dog.

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    I am not sure why anyone would want to feed this to their dog.

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    edamame beans are very hard.. I dont think a dog would even like them…

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      I have a 4 yr old Schnozzle who loves them (out of the shell of course.) We snack at night while watching TV. My little guy loves them, but then he loves food.

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    You should be careful if you feed them to your dog,because they are hard, and can be a choking hazard.

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