Can dogs eat cucumbers

Can dogs eat cucumbers

  • Dogs can eat cucumbers
  • Dogs should not eat large amounts of cucumbers

Can dogs eat cucumbers?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat cucumbers?

Dogs can eat cucumbers!  Cucumbers are actually somewhat healthy for your dog.  Like other vegetables, dogs have no problems digesting cucumbers.

Keep in mind that dogs should not be eating cucumbers in large amounts and regularly.  Eating an excess of  any fruit can be harmful to your pet.

Some people choose to feed dogs small pieces of cucumber as treats.  This practice can be healthier than feeding your dog ‘dog biscuits’ because cucumbers do not have the same fattening, and unhealthy ingredients as most ‘cookies’ do.

Post by: Adrian Sau

17 comments on “Can dogs eat cucumbers

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    My dog won’t stop bothering me when I eat cucumbers

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    For The 1st Today… I Was Cutting Persian Cucumber’s Up Today To Make Something, And My Pit Bull Was Staring At Me, I Figured I Give Him A Little Piece Of It, OH My God… My Dog Loves Them… He Love Oranges, And Tomatoes To… I’m Beginning To Think He’s A Human Stuck And A Dogs Body, No Just Kidding!!! I Can’t Believe How Much Fruits And Veggies My Doggie Love.

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    My dog pulls cucumbers off the vine! It was hilarious to see one in his mouth!

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    Thanks for the post.

    I gae my dog a cucumber wedge, and he just looked at it, sniffed it, and looked back at me.

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    i dont think dogs will like to eat cucumbers.

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    … – I searched and found it. Thanks for the post.

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    my dog wont eat them. she sniffs them then turns away.

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    my dog does not like them.

    I gave him a piece, he just spat it out.

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    my dog loves cucumbers, I usually freeze them and give it to my dog in an ice-form, she plays with it until it melts slowly eating it.

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    cucumbers are fine.

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    dogs will eat almost anything, and be ok.. Only a few foods they really cannot eat.

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    my dog eats cucumbers, and is fine.

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    cucumbers are fine for dogs.

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    cucumbers should be ok

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    My dog did not seem to like cucumbers… she just kinda spit it out, and looked at me like I was nuts.

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    My dog just chews on, and spits out cucumbers.

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    my dog loves eating cucumbers!

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