Wheat Free Dog Food

Wheat Free Dog Food

  • Why does a dog need wheat free dog food?

Wheat Free Dog Food

Why Your Dog Needs a Wheat Free Dog Food

Selecting a food for your dog is not easy because there are some dogs that are allergic to ingredients found in commercially made dog foods and treats. Some dog owners never suspect that the allergy that their dog is facing is from food. This is because they have been giving that specific food to their dogs ever since they were puppies and the allergic symptoms have appeared just recently. Dogs are like humans that an allergy can develop over a period of time. Not all dogs suffering from food allergy was born with it, some develops it in time.

Many dog food manufacturers use wheat as filler in dog food because it is cheaper than other healthy ingredients. Wheat is a source of protein but it is not the best source of protein that a dog can have. Because of this ingredient, many dogs are suffering from food allergies. Dogs cannot properly digest protein from this ingredient because their digestive system is not exposed to this kind of food. Ingesting wheat through commercially made dog food may invite danger of developing celiac disease or irritable bowel syndrome that can cause big trouble.

Dogs are carnivores and meat is the best source of protein they can have. Wheat free dog food can be more expensive compared to others but it is healthier simply because the source of protein in this dog food is meat which is the best and the ideal food for dogs. The highest quality dog foods use animal proteins, like meat, fish and poultry, and not wheat.

The best way to avoid wheat in your dog’s food is by reading the food labels carefully. Avoid any foods that contain wheat. Don’t forget to check your dog’s treats for wheat too. A wheat free dog food is ideal to restore your dog’s well-being.

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