What human foods can dogs eat?

What human foods can dogs eat

  • Dogs can most human foods
  • Some human foods can be fatal

What human foods can dogs eat?

you may ask yourself What human foods can dogs eat?

Dogs can eat most human foods!

A very common habit among dog owners is to feed their pets a small, or even large, portion of the food from their own plates. It becomes hard to resist giving your adorable pet a part of your own food when it looks at you with an adorable innocent face. However, dog owners do this without realizing the fact that the food which they are giving to their dogs may cause some kind of harm to their pet’s health. Thus it becomes really important to know what ‘people’ food can dogs eat.

People food is the food which is, on a normal basis, consumed by people or humans for that matter. Dog foods are specially designed and manufactured and often may not contain the same ingredients as people food. Therefore it happens that some of the ingredients in people food cause harm to dogs. Most common people food, which dogs can eat are cooked lean meats like chicken, fish and turkey but without the bones.

Some dog experts respond to the, what people food can dogs eat question with vegetables like carrots, green beans and even apples. Squash, peas and sweet potatoes are also safe people food that dogs can eat.

Peanut butter may cause allergies in humans, and acts the same way for pet dogs. While giving dogs people food it should be taken care of that the salt content is low in them and also that the food is not hard enough to crack the dog’s teeth.

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