What foods can dog eat?

What foods can dog eat

  • What types of foods can dogs have?

What foods can dog eat?

you may ask yourself what foods can dog eat?

Dogs can eat a lot of different foods!

You might have met the pleading stares of your pet dog asking for the bits and pieces of your meal. As a dog owner you need to know that dogs can digest a huge variety of human food. Here are some of the lists of safest foods that dogs can eat too.

Peanut butter that is unprocessed and natural without added sugar, salt and preservatives one of the best options for your pet dogs. It is safe and your pet wouldn’t be able to  resist the delicious taste of peanut butter. (note like humans some dogs have allergies to peanuts and peanut butter)

Though cheese is absolutely safe for consumption by dogs, similar to human beings, there are few dogs who are lactose intolerant and thereby those dogs cannot enjoy eating cheese. Moreover you have to notice whether your pet can adapt eating cheese or not. Usually cottage cheese is a preferable choice for dogs.

Yogurt is also a good option if you want to provide protein, vitamin, calcium and zinc nutrients to your pet. Make sure the yogurt is natural without added preservatives, fillers and sugar. Fat free yogurt is an excellent choice for those dogs that are dieting.

Since summer has already dawned on us it is time when you should treat your dog with watermelon, berries, bananas etc. It is surprising to know how a carnivorous animal can love eating fruits.

Your dog will also enjoy eating carrots and green beans. These are healthy and rich in nutritional values. Do you know rice is also safe for your dogs to eat? Treat your dog with rice and chicken and find out how he enjoys sharing the dining table with you.

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