What food can dogs have?

What food can dogs have

  • What food can dogs have?

What food can dogs have?

Usually raw and cooked meat, vegetables, grains, raw dog food etc are considered to be the safest foods that dogs can consume. There has been many occasions when you have given a part of your food to your pet dog, hasn’t there?

Dogs are carnivorous in nature and meat is their main food but they can also be given vegetables and fruits excluding citrus fruits. Moreover, since you have a pet at your house, you might be well aware of the fact that dogs have extreme love towards human foods.

If you ever ran out of dog foods, cooked chicken is one of the best options possible. Whether you boil, roast, bake or grill it, it is a healthy and nutritious substitute for your dog. Don’t add any seasoning or cooked oil. Make sure you don’t put any onion or garlic because dogs are allergic to both of these ingredients.

You have to be cautious while feeding your dog because there are certain food items that are not suitable for your dog. One of the most dangerous food items that you should never feed your dog is chocolate.

It is not like dogs dislike eating chocolates. In fact if given an opportunity dogs will consume chocolates but the ingredients like bromine is highly toxic in nature for dogs. There will be certain negative side effects that your dog will experience and it might be fatal too. So it is best to avoid those foods that are not meant for dogs.

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