What food can dogs eat

what food can dogs eat

What food can dogs eat?

Dogs are the best companions to have. They listen without interrupting. Their love is unconditional.  If you have been fortunate to experience these moments in your life, you must have felt their powerful and positive presence. Taking good care of your dogs is very essential for their overall welfare. The food that dogs can eat should therefore be taken care of very diligently.

What food can dogs eat? This is a question that is very often asked by pet parents. Dogs can eat almost everything that we eat on a daily basis. This includes cereals such as rice, boneless chicken, boiled eggs, fish (deboned), vegetables such as cucumber, carrots, potatoes, dairy products such as milk, cottage cheese, yoghurt etc.

What is very important is to check the portion size while feeding dogs. The kind of food can vary for different breeds. Small dogs are fussy eaters and need small meals spread throughout the day. Bigger dogs will need large meals and can manage with two good feeds in a day. It is important to include a variety of food to ensure proper nutrition.

Sweets, salt and spices are to be avoided as they have an adverse impact on the health of dogs. It is advisable not to give fried and oily food to your canine friends. Dogs can occasionally be treated with some goodies. Special chocolates and ice creams are available for canines. (regular chocolate is fatal for dogs.) Dogs adjust easily to the environment and what food they can eat largely depends on what is available locally.

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