What dogs can eat

What dogs can eat

  • What foods dogs can eat

What dogs can eat

It is natural to consider your pet dog as a part of your family. You give him/her the same amount of love, attention and care. It may not be wrong to mention that some of you even include your pet dog in the dining table.

Do you fall prey every time when your pet stares at your dinner plate? But you might be worried whether your dog can eat the same food you are having. Go through the list and find out the food items that your pet can enjoy with you.

• Are you running out of pet food? Treat your dog with cooked rice. There is no harm if you want to give your pet dog with a plate of rice that is without onion and garlic. Plain rice is considered to be a good option to keep your pet’s hunger at bay.
• If you ever want to give your dog eggs make sure they are completely cooked because raw eggs are not a good healthy option for your dog as your pet might fall sick. You can treat your dog with both boiled and scrambled eggs.
• Does your dog always stare at your dinner plate with cooked chicken? Dogs love chicken and if it is cooked with oil and spices they would love even more. It is safe for your dogs to consume chicken eaten by human but you have to make sure that there is very little oil and spices. (and no garlic or onion!)
• When it is about vegetables and fruits, it is safe and healthy for your pet to consume green beans, berries, bananas, seedless watermelon, berries, carrots etc. You can also treat your dogs with cheese, peanut butter etc.

It is evident that these lists of food items are a great help of source regarding what dogs can eat.

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