What can dogs not have?

What can dogs not have

  • What can dogs not have?

What can dogs not have?

Do you always melt when your dog grins and stares at your plate? Before sharing your plate with your pet you must be aware that there are certain food items that are strictly not meant for dogs and it must be avoided so that your pet doesn’t fall sick.

You might be crazy for chocolates but your pet cannot enjoy it with you. The toxic ingredient Bromine present in it has negative side effects on dogs. It can cause problems like diarrhea, vomiting, low energy levels and abnormal heart beats and even trigger death.

Don’t indulge your dog in giving too much of salty food items because it causes excess level of thirst and urination and conduce sodium ion poisoning. Your dog will suffer from high temperature, depression, vomiting, seizures and even death.

You have to be particular that you don’t offer onions and garlic to your dog in any form because
it destroys your dog’s RBCs and causes anemia. Any kind of alcoholic liquor and food containing
alcohol is not good for your dog’s health. Aerated and carbonated drinks are also a big no for

Eating bones is also not a good and healthy option for your dog. The sharp edges of the bones can cause painful injuries to your dog’s gums and tongue and can also lead to gastrointestinal complications. Avoid giving bones to your dog.

You must avoid giving fruits that have seeds and have high concentration of citric acid. You should also be careful of not giving raw eggs to your pet since it cause food poisoning. Try to avoid these food items and prevent your dog from falling sick.

These are just some of the food items dogs should not have!  Do a search before giving any specific food to your dog!

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