What Can Dogs Not Eat?

What Can Dogs Not Eat

  • What foods can dogs not eat?

What Can Dogs Not Eat?

you may ask yourself what can dogs not eat?

There are many foods that can be fatal to dogs!

There are certain food items you consume that is highly toxic for your pet dog and can turn poisonous too. This is because each dog has its own metabolism to react to particular foods.

For instance, alcohol and chocolates, no matter how tasty and indulging it is to you, is poisonous for dogs. It may lead to coma or instant death. Another is avocados, containing the ingredient, persin that can instantly make your dog ill.

Sugary substances and salt in large quantities is also a deterrent to your dog’s health, affecting the immune system. Furthermore, though it loves having non-vegetarian food, raw meat which contains bacteria, is dangerous to its health. Similarly, though cooked eggs do not cause harm, raw eggs are problematic.

Vegetables like broccoli, mushroom, tomatoes, garlic and especially onion is a complete no-no for your pet. Onions cause harm to the internal organs leading to liver damage, breathing problems, anemia and the like.

Moreover, cat food is sometimes fatal to dogs. It is extremely rich in fats and protein, not viable for its consumption. Therefore, if by mistake your dog happens to consume any such food, immediately call your doctor or take it to the nearest vet hospital.

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137 Comments On “What Can Dogs Not Eat?”

  1. I find the mention of garlic and broccoli to be wrong. My husband cooks with garlic powder (and not just a little!) every day. We also eat lot of vegetables, so broccoli is a staple in our house. Our dogs love steamed broccoli especially with butter or cheese. Our dogs are healthy and active (they’re beagles). We also feed them cashews and almonds as a treat. Also as a treat every once in a while, we will give them 1/2 cup milk. They were brought up on cow’s milk since they were 3 weeks old. Molly didn’t make enough milk and refused to feed them, and puppy milk is very expensive. A breeder we know has fed his dogs milk with no problems. As far as mushrooms, my dogs won’t eat them and have actually gotten an upset stomach from them. We do not feed them tomato or onion.


  2. Sorry but there ar e a few problems with these articles. One said puppy’s can eat broccoli and the other says not .


  3. 😆


  4. You mention that dogs can’t eat broccoli, tomatoes and garlic in your short list. Most homemade dogfoods call for garlic, tomatoes and broccoli. Also, heaven forbid if pet owners feed their dogs commercially prepared dogfoods, but most of them, including holistic brands, have tomato in their preparations as well as salt and garlic.

    There’s a powder out that is dried mushrooms of differing varieties, that is of excellent health benefits for the dog and for horses. The same mushroom blend the Japanese, and Asian cultures, use to strengthen the immune system in humans, and have now adapted for animal use.


    • Garlic is a big NO for dogs, any home made dog food that calls for garlic should not be trusted. Dogs can have broccoli however if they have a lot of it it can cause bad bloating and gas so it is a food that is best kept clear of. There are some parts of tomatoes that dogs can eat, as well as ways to prepare them for dogs. Almost all mushrooms are not safe for dogs, so it is best to just fully avoid giving them.


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