what can dogs eat

what can dogs eat

  • What types of foods can dogs eat?

What can dogs eat?

Do you have a pet dog at your house? Are you confused about the foods that your dogs can eat? Don’t be shy to admit it because majority of the dog owners are not sure about the foods that should be given to dogs.

Since your pet dog loves you even more when you give him/her some pieces of cooked chicken that you are having at dinner, don’t have the misconception that your dog can eat everything. There are certain food items like chocolates that are strictly prohibited for dogs.

You will be surprised to know that your dog can eat watermelons, cantaloupe, honey dew, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries etc. These nutritious fruits are a good option for your pet dog and believe it or not even the dogs love eating them.

As a dog owner you must be particular about the food that your dog can eat and the food items that are beneficial for the health and growth of your dog. Make sure you aren’t feeding your dog that consists too much of fat because like humans even your dog will become overweight and can cause many different problems.

If you have recently bought a pet dog and not sure about what can dogs eat, you must consult animal nutritionist and then feed the various items that you want to give your pet apart from dog food. Why should you risk the life of your pet by giving food items that is suitable for dogs?

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