Soft Dog Food

Soft Dog Food

  • What is soft dog food?

Soft Dog Food

Why Give Soft Dog Food to Your Dogs

Soft dog food refers to the canned, wet or moist dog food. It is packaged in sealed cans with different sizes and flavors. This dog food choice is soft, moist and has high water content. They are more aromatic and naturally tempting to the dog’s palate than the dry kibble that comes in a bag.

Soft dog foods are usually the choice for a puppy that is being weaned from the mother and then shift to dry kibbles when they need to learn how to chew and for their teeth development. Soft dog foods are also recommended for dogs with swollen or sore gums or with missing teeth because hard or dry foods may cause some discomfort while eating.

Soft dog foods are also beneficial for old dogs because as your dog ages, his nutritional needs change and also his tastes. Some dogs become picky or they don’t want to eat dry foods again. They also might have difficulty in chewing or swallowing hard and dry food. Soft foods are given to aid your dog’s digestion, make the food tastier and make it easier to eat especially with the older dogs that lost their appetites. Giving them food that is tastier and more aromatic canned food mixed with kibbles encourages them to eat more.

Soft food also does have more meat protein content and low in carbohydrates than dry food. It is also processed less and contains less filler than dry food. The extra water content in soft food can help an overweight dog feel satisfied without eating extra food.

Regardless the type of food you are giving, your dog needs the proper nutrition to stay healthy. Choose a high-quality dog food with the proper amounts of proteins, vitamins and minerals suitable for your dog’s size, activity level and age.

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Why Give Soft Dog Foods to Your Dogs

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