can dogs eat apples?

Can dogs eat apples
Can dogs eat apples?
I always wondered.. My dog likes to chew on them, but she never actually eats them.
Also if dogs can eat apples, are they healthy?



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  1. My dog does not like them…


  2. There is nothing wrong with a dog eating apples.


  3. dogs can have apples.


  4. Hey,
    Thanks for the super fast answer!

    I did not know that apples were healthy for dogs to eat!
    I also did not know apple seeds could harm dogs!

    Thanks for the help Dog Food!


  5. Best Answer

    Yes, dogs can eat apples, however they should not eat a large amount of them.
    They are also very healthy for dogs. They contain a lot of the vitamins that dogs need.

    When you say your dog plays with the apples and chews them up, they are likely absorbing a lot of the nutrients that the apple has to offer, which is a very good thing!

    One thing you should watch out for are the apple seeds. They will not digest well, and if they get into your dogs stomach, they could do some damage.

    If you feed apple to you dog, try slicing it up, or cutting it in half, and removing the seeds!

    If you are planning to feed your dog with apples, make sure to remove the seeds since they can lodge in your dog’s intestines.

    It will also be advisable if you will be service larger pieces instead of cutting it into smaller pieces. Some dogs have the tendency to swallow their food without even chewing it first and this can be a problem if your dog is served with small pieces of the fruit.

    You can also serve it in a juice form which avoids the risk of your dog choking. (make sure there is no sugar added) You can even make ice cubes with the juice and give it to your dog as a form of a treat.

    Hope this helped!

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