Puppy Kibble

  • Puppy kibble should be high in protein and should be small

What is puppy kibble?

Puppy kibble is a type of dog food that is meant for small puppies.  A good puppy kibble will be high in protein, and will be small enough to easily fit into a small dogs mouth.

The purpose of puppy kibble is to move your small dog over from breast feeding, or soft food to hard dry dog food.   Puppy kibble is not like other dog foods, as dog food for grown dogs have different levels of proteins and nutrients.

Puppy kibble should have very high protein levels and should have a first ingredient as a meet product or a fish product. (Some puppy kibbles are high in starch, corn, or wheat.  These should not be used) 

Puppy kibble should not be given to your dog for a long period of time, and should only be given to your dog during your dogs growing period. (For most dogs, between the 5 and 6 month mark) Once your dog is over 6 months old, you should slowly change your dog over to regular dog food. (Some people say that they mix puppy kibble in with other dog food until they run out of the puppy kibble)

Post by: Adrian Sau

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39 Comments On “Puppy Kibble”

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  2. I fed my dog puppy kibble until she was 1 year old. (I brought her home at 6 months, and switched her to the puppy kibble then.)


  3. good post.

    I am sure a lot of people wonder when they should stop using puppy kibble.


  4. I gve my dog puppy kibble for about a month or two after we brought her home.

    What I did was I got a large bag of it, and just used it until there was none left. Then I switched over to a regular dog kibble.

    I also always mix in a little warm water with the dog kibble in order to make it softer.


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