Puppy Dog Food

  • How Can You Choose A Dog Food For Your Puppy?

Puppy Dog Food

How to Choose A Puppy Dog Food

A puppy’s diet is very important for growth and development. Nutrition is the most important part for a puppy to grow up healthy and strong. As a newborn, up to several weeks old, puppies get all the nutrients they need by nursing from their mother. As they begin to need solid food and start to separate from their mother, usually at 5-6 weeks old, it is important choose the right kind of food for your puppy.

A puppy grows rapidly, building bone and muscle, and developing vital organs. Adult dogs are maintaining their bodies, so puppy needs extra nutrients and special diet to aid their rapid development.

When choosing a puppy dog food, choose foods based on the puppy’s size and breed. Large breed puppies should be fed a food formulated for large breeds, while small breed puppies should be fed a food that has smaller pieces than regular puppy food. It’s also important to learn how to read pet food labels and determine each ingredient on the dog food.

Choose a puppy dog food that contains high quality ingredients, such as meat or fish. Make sure these are the main ingredient of the food. Avoid dog foods that list corn as the first ingredient. Corn is a filler ingredient that has no nutritional value to puppies and could possibly harm them.

Puppy dog food has two kinds the dry and wet food. Dry food is made up of small biscuits called kibbles. It’s very convenient to serve and store as well. It’s also cost effective, as you can buy it in large bags. Wet food on the other hand is available in cans or pouches, a good quality, complete wet food will also provide your puppies with all the nutrients they need.

Make sure to visit your vet to ask what kind of puppy dog foods can be given to your puppies.

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