No Grain Dog Food

No Grain Dog Food

  • Why should you feed your dog no grain dog food?

No Grain Dog Food

Why No Grain Dog Food is Beneficial for Your Dogs

When grains become the majority of ingredients in a dog’s food, complications may arise such as allergies, skin irritations, and weight-gain.

Dogs are basically carnivores. This means that they derive most of their energy and nutrient requirements through animal tissue. Though we have domesticated them, they are built to eat like carnivores and not like us humans. This means that the dog’s diet should consist of mostly meat, with small amounts of fruits and vegetables, but most importantly, no grain. A dog in the wild would never eat grains like wheat, corn and other grain products.

Grains are linked with food allergies, obesity and diabetes, whereas feeding a complete, grain-free diet may prevent these health problems. Dogs that have been eating high-grain dog food for years may be more likely to develop grain-based allergies.

There are so many positive effects attributed to no grain dog food. Most of these effects are also quite easy to note. Among them is that dogs suddenly get a shinier coat and they also display healthier skin.

No grain dog food is also beneficial for digestion purposes. Since dogs are carnivores, their stomachs do not handle grains very well. A diet rich in protein is much preferred because it is not only highly digestible, but also provides dogs with the necessary and valuable nutrients. Highly digestible foods are ideal. Poor-quality dog foods have fillers such as corn. These fillers make your dog feel full but are actually highly indigestible, meaning your dog poops more and is gassier too. It would be best to use no grain dog food to prevent indigestion or GI problems.

No grain dog food is an excellent choice for many dogs, but it is not necessarily perfect for every dog. It is up to you as a responsible pet owner to ask your veterinarian concerning your dog’s individual needs.

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