Natural raw dog food

Natural raw dog food

What about natural raw dog food?

Raw dog foods diets have been discussed widely by veterinarians and experts alike. Before the vast evolution of dogs and dog food in specific, canines around the world had thrived on raw food diets for years.

Emphasis of incorporating raw meats, fruits, vegetables and constituents of raw bones is rising for dog foods and diets. It is also believed that for the better health of dogs, foods based on what dogs originally ate before being owned as pets, are beneficial than what are synthetically and commercially produced.

The supporters of raw dog food indicate various benefits for dogs if they consume such food items. These include healthy skin, more shiny coats and cleaner teeth. Apart from this a good digestive system, smaller stools and a high elevated level of energy are also promised after consumption of raw food. While designing a raw food dog diet it is important that a balance be maintained so that all the essential nutrients are available to the dog instead of just one or two in abundance. Moisture content, digestibility and taste are also of great importance while preparing such a diet.

However raw dog food also comes with its own share of potential risks for the dogs. There is a chance that the bacteria which are present in the raw meat can affect the dog’s health and lead to infection. If a proper balanced diet is not given to the dog then it will cause serious health concerns. The inclusion of raw bones can also lead to cracking of the dog’s teeth or choking.

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