Low Calorie Dog Food

Low Calorie Dog Food

  • Why use low calorie dog food?

Low Calorie Dog Food

Things you need to consider in serving low calorie dog food

Choosing a healthy dog food is important. It is also important to determine what kind of dog food must be given to your dog in its current condition. Different factors are considered before giving your dog a lower-calorie dog food. Dog’s age, weight, breed and its health status will determine if you must change its food to a low calorie dog food.

Because of lack in activity, many older dogs will gain weight. One of the most common problems in older dog is obesity. So it is best to give them a combination of low calorie dog food plus a rich in fiber diet because they are also prone to constipation. Older dogs can also suffer from painful joints if they gain too much weight and it would be best to prevent it from ever happening.

Large breed dogs are also prone for weight gain because they have big appetites, but have slower metabolism compared to small breed dogs so they need fewer calories and less fats in their dog food. They are also prone to some bone problems like hip dysplasia which can cause a serious problem. You can prevent this problem by selecting a well-balanced diet.

Low calorie dog food is also good for dogs for preventing pancreatitis and dogs having this medical condition because calories and fats causes pancreatic inflammation. Almost all dogs with pancreatitis are overweight and it can be resolved by having a low calorie diet combined with the right exercise.

Remember that changing your dog’s food requires an assessment of your dog’s condition. It is not necessarily to change your dog’s food just because you want to. Dog’s diet is very important for them to stay healthy and you can consult your veterinarian for any help and assistance determining the diet your dog would be safe with.

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