Lamb And Rice Dog Food

Lamb And Rice Dog Food

  • Why do people recommend feeding your dog lamb and rice dog food?

Lamb And Rice Dog Food

Lamb and Rice Dog Food, Why Is It Popular

Lamb and rice dog food started to be popular with veterinarians and food manufacturers when some dogs started having allergic reactions to common ingredients used in dog foods like beef, chicken, corn and wheat. These are the usual suspects when it comes to the types of food being given to dogs and causing some serious allergic reactions. Lamb and rice became the hypoallergenic miracle food that everyone started feeding their dogs with.

Lamb and rice dog food is a healthy choice for your dog’s diet because lamb is a great source of protein and also because rice can be easily digested by dogs. This leads to less stomach upset and promoted adequate bowel movement which is quite a relief for dogs suffering from constipation. When your dog eats foods that are highly digestible, the result is that your dog benefits from more nutrients being absorbed by the body.

Lamb and rice was recommended by most vets to those dogs who are suffering from allergic reactions caused by corn, beef, chicken and wheat. Companies also started advertising their lamb and rice mixes as “recommended by dermatologists”. Today, if you visit a local pet store, you can find a fairly wide selection of lamb and rice dog foods, most of which also contain corn, beef, chicken, and other components.

Lamb and rice food for dogs used to be highly recommended by veterinarians when dogs exhibited symptoms of food allergies. However, it has become so popular as an everyday diet for dogs, that unless you can be sure your dog has never had lamb and rice before, it may not work to prevent food allergies. Still, it is one of the preferred diets by many dog owners who want to feed their dogs with healthy food.

Though lamb and rice can be beneficial for your dogs, it will still be better to serve it in moderation.

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