food that dogs can eat

food that dogs can eat

  • What is the most popular food that dogs can eat?

What are the foods that dogs can eat?

There is so much hype about the food that dogs can eat. As a dog owner you have to be particular with the food items that you are feeding. Let us find out the list of food items that your pet dog can enjoy too.


Perhaps there is no better food that feeding your dog with rice. It is a fantastic food item to fill your dog’s stomach and it is safe too. But you have to be careful that the rice doesn’t contain any onion and garlic as these two ingredients are toxic for dogs.

Cooked chicken and eggs

Dogs are carnivorous and you can imagine how much they love eating chicken whether roasted, baked or grilled. You can even feed your pet with the chicken that you cook for you and your family. The only thing that should be kept in mind is the use of limited cooking oil and spices.

Because of the nutritious values of eggs both boiled and scrambled, are considered extremely healthy and beneficial for your dog’s overall development and growth. When you feed the dog with eggs make sure it is fully cooked lest it makes the dog sick.

Cheese and peanut butter

Dogs are in love with dairy products like cheese and peanut butter and treat them as special food. Initially give the products in small quantities and check out if your dogs can adapt to the items and are not allergic.

Fruits and vegetables

Whether you are supplying your dog with carrots, green beans, bananas, watermelons or berries, these are rich in nutritional values and very good for your dog’s health. These are indeed good snacks options for your dog.

These are some of the food items that you can feed your dog sometimes along with proper dog food.

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