Corn Free Dog Food

Corn Free Dog Food

  • Why should you give your dog corn free dog food?

Corn Free Dog Food

Give a corn free dog food to your dog

Choosing the best dog food may seem confusing. It is not that easy to understand and to know which ingredients are best for your pet. For example, some pet owners are surprised to know that corn is an ingredient that should be avoided.

Just like humans, even dogs can be allergic to certain food items causing bad effects on their health. Corn is one such food item which is commonly found in many dog foods. If you look at the ingredients of the majority of major brand dog foods sold in your local grocery store you will see most of them contain some type of corn such as cornmeal.

Dogs can’t digest corn, so it basically serves as cheap filler in low-quality foods. Foods that utilize corn usually use it as one of the top two ingredients, so a large percentage of your dog’s food can’t even be digested. Many dogs develop skin allergies after eating corn for a long period of time. Skin irritation, hair loss, endless scratching, tumors, bloating, ear infection, inflamed kidneys and liver and other serious problems can be seen in dogs that has allergy to corn.

Corn free dog food is an important part of a healthy diet for your dog. Though corn-based foods are cheaper, they don’t provide your dog the nutrients he needs. By purchasing corn free dog foods, you will have to spend a little more money, but since it contains a lot of calories and proteins, it can actually be given in lesser amount. Also, your healthy dog won’t need as many veterinary visits, saving you money in the long run.

The food that you feed your dog is very important to his or her health. Choose wisely so that your dog can have a long and healthy life.

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