Canned dog food

canned dog food

  • Why canned dog food?

Canned dog food

Canned dog food and dry kibble have had their fare share of competition over the years trying to outdo each other by proving which is better. While a section of people prefer giving dry food to their dogs, quite a few recommend the wet, moist, and appetizing can of dog food. Saying that one is better than the other and proving it otherwise can be a really tough job to do.

Canned dog food has a lot of advantages. Dogs are usually very easily going to take a liking to canned food because of its moisture and wet nature. It also carries a higher level of meat protein as compared to the dry kibble. This is one reason that dogs are attracted more towards the wet can food. For some dogs who are very picky eaters can food is the best option available since it is easy on the palette and also helps to satisfy their special needs. The wet can food also gets easily digested by the dogs, which makes it convenient since the stool is less of a hassle.

However there is also a downside to can food. Since it is moist, wet and smooth in texture it is not the best friend for your dog’s teeth. The food sticks to the teeth and is difficult to clean once dry. This problem is not faced by those who give their dog’s dry food. The instances of dogs getting plaque and tartar formations are very common among those who eat canned dog food.

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