Can dogs have turkey?

can dogs have turkey

  • Dogs can have turkey

Can dogs have onions?

you may ask yourself can my dog have turkey?

Dogs can have turkey!

Since you are the dog owner it is your responsibility to ensure the optimum health of your pet dog. In order to reduce the risk of diseases your dog must be healthy and have a good immune system and this is all possible when you feed your dog with the right kind of food.

There are certain food items that are not meant for dogs. So it is very important for you to have the information regarding what your dog should and shouldn’t eat. Now the question that might be playing in your mind is can dogs have turkey?

Turkey is one such dish that is thoroughly enjoyed by people and your canine friend won’t mind sharing the table with you. Turkey is rich in vitamin B6 and protein contents. But is it a safe treat for your canine friend?

Basically boneless and skinless turkey is absolutely safe for your dog and you can treat your pet with the lean, fat free meat of the turkey occasionally. It is nutritious in nature but make sure that you never treat your pet dog with leftover skin and bones of the turkey.

The skin of the turkey is rich in fat and shouldn’t be a part of your dog’s diet. It is indeed delicious in taste but when too much of fat is consumed by the dog, it affects the digestion process where enzymes leak and damages the pancreas. Turkey bones are also dangerous because it splinters easily and might choke your dog to death.

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