Can dogs have pistachios?

can dogs have pistachios

  • Dogs can NOT have pistachios

Can dogs have pistachios?

you may ask yourself can my dog have pistachios?

Dogs can NOT have pistachios!

Pistachios are a kind of nut that is delicious in taste and people love munching them. Are you wondering whether your pet dog can eat pistachios with you or not? If you are planning to include pistachios in your dog’s diet, think again.

Nuts of any kind should not be a part of your dog’s diet. Therefore, pistachios must be kept away from your dog.  You must be wondering why dogs cannot have pistachios. Basically most nuts are toxic for dogs and pistachios are no different.

Do you know pistachios have high concentration of fat? Thus, it is not fit for your dog’s consumption and thereby you shouldn’t be encouraging your pet dog to munch pistachios with you. When your dog consumes pistachios, your canine friend will suffer from severe stomach upsets, diarrhea, vomiting, and troubles related to pancreas and so on.

Though dog is considered man’s best friend and there are many food habits that matches with human beings but at the end of the day human beings and dogs are two different animals. Therefore, their food habits differ too. You have to understand that your dog cannot consume everything that you enjoy eating.

Don’t you think it is better to prevent your dog from giving pistachios than letting your dog suffer from extreme stomach upsets? Since your dog won’t understand what is good and bad for him/her, your pet won’t mind eating pistachios if he/she finds them. Hence, as a pet owner it is your responsibility to keep it away from your pet.

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