Can dogs have onions?

can dogs have onions

  • Dogs can NOT have onions

Can dogs have onions?

you may ask yourself can my dog have onions?

Dogs can NOT have onions!

Perhaps you are well aware of the fact that there are certain human food items that are not meant for dogs to eat since they are highly dangerous and harmful for dogs. Did you know onions are fatal for your canine friend?

Onions and dogs are a lethal combination because onion makes your dog sick. So it is clear that dogs cannot have onions and as a dog owner you have to be extra careful that in any way your pet dog is not fed with onion.

Why onions are toxic for dogs? Onion contains the ingredient thiosulphate that are toxic for dogs. Your canine friend doesn’t have the enzymes that are necessary to metabolize the toxic ingredient, thiosulpahte and thereby suffers from onion poisoning.

Hence, it is best if your dog is prevented from eating scraps and leftover foods that contains onion. There are certain cases where due to onion poisoning pet owners have to lose their best friend forever. Therefore, you need to be vigilant and careful.

What happens when your pet dog consumes onion? The immediate visible results are diarrhea and vomiting and your dog will become weak and pale without any interest in eating. The onion toxicity results in the burst of red blood cells and the dog suffers from haemolytic anemia.

Your pet will also suffer from breathlessness, bloody urine, jaundice, increased heart rate and so on. Don’t delay to get medical assistance if your dog eats onion because if timely treatment is not provided, the dog might die.

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