Can dogs have ice cream?

can dogs have ice cream

  • Dogs can NOT have ice cream

Can dogs have ice cream?

you may ask yourself can my dog have ice cream?

Dogs can NOT have ice cream!

Do you want to treat your four legged canine friend with ice cream on a hot day? It sounds tempting to serve your pet dog with ice cream but how much safe is it. Can dogs have ice cream?

Basically ice cream is a milk product and it contains lactose. Majority of the dogs are unable to tolerate lactose and thereby it is best if you can avoid giving ice cream to your canine friend. If your pet dog is lactose intolerant or allergic towards it you shouldn’t treat your dog with ice cream at any cost.

Do you know ice cream contains high percentage of sugar and fat and is not at all healthy and nutritious for your dog? Since your dog is lactose intolerant your dog doesn’t have the enzyme to digest it and thereby causes problems like diarrhea, vomiting, gas, bloating etc.

Moreover ice creams also contain artificial sweeteners which are a strict no for dogs. Why would you give ice cream to your dog when he or she suffers from severe stomach upsets and discomforts?

It might happen that your canine friend is not allergic or lactose intolerant. But just because your dog doesn’t suffer from any negative side effects after consuming lactose products like ice cream you simply cannot treat your dog with ice cream every now and then.

Occasionally you can allow your dog to enjoy ice cream only if he or she isn’t allergic to it. As a pet owner you have to keep a track what suits your canine friend and accordingly treat the dog.

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