Can Dogs Have Eggs

Can dogs have eggs

  • Dogs can eat eggs
  • Dogs can eat raw, and cooked eggs, however raw eggs can be dangerous
  • Eggs are healthy for dogs

Can dogs have eggs?

you may ask yourself can my dog have eggs?

Eggs are considered a very healthy source of protein among humans. They are widely eaten at breakfast tables around the world. But what do you do when your cute little barking friend comes and nudges you with its paw hoping for a small treat off your breakfast table? Can dogs eat cooked eggs? The answer is yes. Any kind of eggs, raw or cooked can be given to dogs keeping in mind that the dog follows a balanced diet.

Both boiled and scrambled eggs are good treats for the dogs once in a while. They are quite high in vitamin and protein content which provides good nutrition to the dogs. Rather it is better to give a dog cooked egg rather than raw because some dogs may fall ill due to the non absorption of vitamins from the raw eggs.

Egg whites are more easily digested by dogs when they are cooked properly. Dogs usually do not have trouble in breaking down the bacteria in raw eggs but even then it is advised to serve dogs finely cooked eggs.

A large or medium sized dog can be given a full egg which contains around seventy calories. For smaller dogs half an egg provides sufficient nutrients. If one wants to feed their dog an egg daily then the normal meals of the dog should be reduced proportionately or else it will lead to diarrhea. However feeding eggs to your dog daily is not advised by experts and they stick to a twice a week rule for giving eggs to dogs.

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