Can dogs have cooked bones

Can dogs have cooked bones

  • Dogs can NOT have cooked bones

Can dogs have cooked bones?

you may ask yourself can my dog have cooked bones?

Dogs can NOT have cooked bones!

Does your dog love chewing bones? Stop this practice of giving bones to your dog right now. Do you even realize the risk involved in it? Are you are still wondering can dogs eat cooked bones? The answer is no. Don’t risk the life of your dog by feeding him/her with cooked bones.

People believe that bones are a healthy option for dogs. In fact, dogs can spend hours playing, chewing and biting bones. It is pleasure to watch such a scenario but the risk involved in it is dangerous and extreme.

Any kind of bones whether it is raw or cooked is extremely harmful for dogs. Make sure you never offer cooked bones to your canine friend. If you do so, you are sure to be in trouble with your pet.

Since cooked bones have lower elasticity it becomes brittle and breaks apart very easily. Thus, one or the other brittle pieces of the bone gets chocked in your pet’s throat and the situation becomes extremely serious.

Your pet requires immediate medical attention and might have to undergo a surgery. Sometimes the bones might get struck in the intestinal tract. This is a very bad situation since the dog might suffer a painful death due to the rupture of the intestine.

You would definitely not want your canine friend to suffer from such situations. Moreover bones are not suitable because it can fracture dog’s teeth and the sharp edges might trigger cuts in the tongue and mouth. Why should your dog suffer so much? Avoid giving cooked as well as raw bones to your dog.

Post by: Adrian Sau

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  1. clearly the author doesn’t know what he is writing about. He can barely write proper English. It is absolutely safe to give your dog any kind of raw bone. Dogs have been eating live animals since their documented existence. Just don’t give them cooked bones as they can splinter and cause damage inside of your dog. If your dog begins coughing, choking, drinking lots of water, whining, or signaling discomfort, take it to the vet right away.


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