Can dogs have chocolate?

Can dogs have chocolate

  • Dogs can have chocolate

Can dogs have chocolate?

you may ask yourself can my dog have chocolate?

Dogs can not have chocolate!

Who doesn’t love eating chocolates? You will hardly find anyone who doesn’t like the taste of chocolates. Have you ever thought that even dogs love chocolates? It might sound funny but the fact is if given a chance dogs won’t miss out the opportunity to taste chocolate.

Do you know chocolates can be fatal for dogs? If you have pet dogs you have to be very particular with the feeding. It is natural to get confused but make sure that your dog is not given chocolates to eat.

What happens when your dog consumes chocolates? The chemical ingredient bromine present in the chocolate is highly toxic in nature for animals like dogs. Bromine is more or less similar to the caffeine content present in the coffee and when consumed you will find negative and abnormal activities in your dog.

If your pet dog consumes chocolates, it affects the dog’s nervous system, kidneys, heart, and metabolic activity and so on. The dog suffers from dehydration, impatient attitude, peeing trouble, loss of consciousness etc.

The degree of fatality or danger depends on the quality of chocolate and also the breed and size of the dog. When chocolate is taken in large quantities or small quantities, it is harmful for the dogs and even proves to be fatal in certain cases.

But why should you take risks? When there is every possibility of the dog getting affected in the bad way with the consumption of chocolates keep it away from the pet.

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