Can dogs have chips?

Can dogs eat chips

  • Dogs can have chips
  • Should not eat more then one at a time

Can dogs have chips?

you may ask yourself can my dog have chips?

Dogs can have chips!

Are you addicted to having potato chips? Indeed they are so delicious and yummy that you actually cannot avoid having whenever you see a packet of chips kept in your kitchen self. Your canine friend also seems to be coaxing you with his/her pleaded eyes and behavior to give him/her few pieces of chips.

Is it safe for dogs to have chips? Can dogs have chips? The bad news is that you cannot share your chips with your four legged canine friend. Your dog cannot have chips as it is not safe for him/her. Even if your dog pleads you to supply him/her with chips, simply avoid the situation. You must keep chips out of your pet dog’s reach.

Basically dogs love having almost everything and chips are not an exception. If ever dogs get an opportunity to indulge in chips, he/she will simply love it and will enjoy to the fullest. But your dog is unaware of the harm he/she is doing to the health and troubles that he/she is inviting.

You can avoid such situation by being cautious and extra careful. If your dog has haven chips in moderate quantity it won’t do much harm but generally it is not recommended to provide chips to dogs. Since salt is there in chips your dog will experience frequent urination and suffer from unrestrained thirst.

Chips are also known to trigger sodium ion poisoning which can become fatal too in some occasions. Moreover the oil used in chips is not good for your pet because dogs are sensitive to cooking oil and will suffer from gastrointestinal problems. As a dog owner you have to be cautious and extra careful.

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