Can Dogs Have Butter

Dogs Can Have Some Butter.

You might be wondering if your small dog breed can eat butter. Yes, dogs can eat butter, but it is not recommended that you feed your dog butter. It will depend on the health of your dog and if the dog has weight issues. If your pet is overweight, then you should probably put your dog on a diet that does not include items such as butter that are high in fat.

Feeding your dog leftovers from your table is what a lot of people do. This may not be a good idea because it can cause problems such as diarrhea, gas, stomachache, and sometimes constipation. You need to remember what lots of butter can do to a human before you decide to feed it to your dog.

A Healthy Dog Diet

If you want your dog’s diet to be a healthy one, then they are going to need some oils. This is where butter can come into play. Given in small amounts, butter if fine for your dog and can even be considered healthy. You need to keep it to a low amount though to maximize your dog’s diet and health.

Make sure you know how much of each food group is a good amount for your dog. There are a lot of people out there that are cooking meals for their pets instead of buying food from a bag. This can be a healthy alternative if you know what you are doing. Just think if your dog can eat butter, then it should not be a large amount. Would butter be good for you? It can be, just do not over do it!

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