Can dogs have baby aspirin?

can dogs have baby aspirin

  • Dogs can have baby aspirin
  • You should first speak to your vet

Can dogs have baby aspirin?

you may ask yourself can my dog have baby aspirin?

When your canine friend is in pain you want him/her to give instant relief. Do you open your medicine box and give your pet pain killers that you would consume if you were in pain too? Is it a god idea?

Do you know your canine friend can handle the same dose of pain killer that you take when you are in pain? In fact it is absolutely safe to give baby aspirin to your pet dog. The low dosage aspirin is also known as the baby aspirin and it is often used by dog owners as a pain relief for dogs suffering from arthritis pain.

Majority of the dogs of any size can be given baby aspirin but you need to make sure that you are giving the right dosage. If your dog is below one year it is not recommended to give baby aspirin without consulting the veterinarian.

Don’t have the misconception that since baby aspirin is safe for your dogs, you will frequently use it as a pain relief for your dog. Too much of anything is not good. Similarly when your dog is fed with too much of baby aspirin, your canine friend might suffer from negative side effects like stomach upsets or ulcers.

Do you know overdose of baby aspirin can lead to aspirin toxicity in your dog? Your canine friend will suffer from depression, renal failure, blood vomiting and so on. It is indeed a valuable treatment means for your dog but when used improperly it can lead to adverse outcomes.

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