Can dogs have avocado?

can dogs eat avocado

  • Dogs can NOT eat avocado

Can dogs eat avocados?

You may ask yourself can my dog have avocado? Dogs can NOT have avocado!

It is pretty natural that you want your dog to be healthy as well as happy. Therefore, you have to be particular with the kinds of food suitable for your canine friend. There are some human foods which even your dog can enjoy with you but unfortunately avocado is not in the list.

You cannot include avocado in your dog’s food. This means that you simply cannot feed any part of the avocado be it fruit, seeds, leaves or the bark. Why avocados are considered dangerous and harmful for your four legged canine friend?

In all the parts of avocado there is a substance known as persin. This is usually not harmful for human beings unless you are allergic to it. But your canine friend cannot handle this substance since they are toxic for dogs.

As soon as the pet dog eats avocado, you will find sever reactions from your pet’s end. Your canine friend starts vomiting, suffers from diarrhea, nasal congestion, breathing problems and even accumulation of fluid around your dog’s heart and there is heart failure.

This is extremely serious situation and often due to negligence it becomes fatal and you lose your best friend. The moment you realize that your canine friend has eaten avocados you have to act very promptly.

Don’t waste time to call the veterinarian or take your pet dog to emergency veterinarian clinic. Since avocados are extremely dangerous for dogs it is your duty as a pet owner to keep avocados away from your pet dog and prevent any such unwanted circumstances.

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