Can dogs eat white chocolate?

Can dogs eat white chocolate

  • Dogs can NOT eat white chocolate

Can dogs eat white chocolate?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat white chocolate?

Dogs can NOT eat white chocolate!

Even the name of chocolate makes our mouth watery. You will hardly find anyone who doesn’t love eating chocolate. You share so many things with your best friend, your pet. But can you share chocolates with your canine friend?

Dogs would love to enjoy a chocolate treat but is it safe for them? Can dogs eat chocolate? Do you know chocolates can be fatal for dogs? This is a bad news you cannot share your chocolate with your canine companion.

Be it dark or white chocolate, dogs are not recommended to eat them. Do you know even licking a bowl of white chocolate can make your dog fall sick? What make white chocolate toxic for your dogs?

It is the chemical ingredient known as bromine present in the white chocolate that is extremely toxic for dogs. When your dog eats white chocolates, it affects his/her kidneys, heart, nervous system and metabolic activities.

Your friend will suffer from impatient attitude, peeing trouble, loss of consciousness, dehydration and so on. Don’t take risk and supply white chocolate to your dog. There is every possibility that the dog gets affective in the negative manner.

Do you know the level of danger depends on the quantity of chocolate your pet consumes along with the breed or species of the dog? You must keep your dog away from every kind of chocolate and avoid fatal situations. Whether chocolate is consumed in small quantity or large, it is extremely dangerous and harmful for dogs. Therefore, avoid giving white chocolate to your canine friend.

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