can dogs eat turkey

Can dogs eat turkey

  • Dogs can eat turkey

Can dogs eat turkey?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat turkey?

Dogs can eat turkey!

Turkey is a natural food for dogs to eat.  In the wild, dogs will commonly hunt turkeys for food.

In the wild dogs are usually carnivorous, meaning that they only eat meat, or most of their diet is composed of meat.

If you give your dog turkey, make sure that the turkey is properly cooked, as raw turkey can have harmful bacteria and parasites that could harm your dog.

DO NOT give your dog any turkey bones! Turkey bones are hollow, and brittle, so if your dog bites into them they will shatter, and they can cut up your dogs mouth, and do damage to your dogs stomach if swallowed.  Make sure you debone any turkey before givnig it to your dog.

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  1. When I bought my Yorkie age 1 year his tummy was a mess, so I changerd his diet from shop bought dog food to home prepared. His favourite is minced turkey with grated carrot, courgette and brown rice, boiled cooled and put into bags and frozen, he has come on leaps amd bounds since changing to this he also gets a good multi mineral and vitimin suppliment, his energy level and his coat is beautiful now.


  2. Dogs will do anything to get some turkey. They really love it.

    Just try not to give any skin, since it usually has a lot of spices on it.

    Skin is also very unhealthy for dogs, as well as humans.


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