can dogs eat tuna fish

Can dogs eat tuna fish

  • Dogs can eat tuna fish

Can dogs eat tuna fish?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat tuna fish?

Dogs can eat tuna fish!

Tuna fish is fine for dogs to eat, and is actually quite healthy for a dog.  Tuna fish are high in protein which is important for dogs. [Do not feed your dog tuna fish if your dog has negative reactions to high protein meals] 

Some of the negative aspects of giving your dog tuna fish include bad breath.  Many people complain that after feeding their dogs tuna, their dogs have bead breath for days.

If you give your dog tuna, make sure that you de-bone the fish properly before giving it.  Fish bones are small ans sharp, and can do damage to your dogs mouth and stomach if eaten.

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  1. Tuna fish is high in protein, and is actually a common food for wild dogs.


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