Can Dogs Eat Tums

Can dogs eat tums

  • Dogs can eat tums

Can dogs eat tums?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat tums?

Dogs can eat tums!

What would you do if your dog experiences mild stomach aches? Some dog owners will take some of their tums and give it to their dogs in a hope that it gets relieved of the discomfort they are experiencing. Though it is often used, tums is not recommended to be given to dogs unless prescribed by your veterinarian.
Tums can be quite safe if your vet prescribed it to your dog who is suffering from severe stomach ache. It works as an antacid which protects the GI lining preventing the gastric acid from causing further problems. Giving your dog tums even if your vet has not prescribed it can cause some other problems like constipation. It can also sometimes cause electrolyte imbalance which can be fatal to your dog if left untreated.
Some dog owners like to feed their dogs with tums because of its calcium content. It is true that tums are rich in calcium but it should not be a main source of your dog’s calcium. Some dog foods or treats also contain high amounts of calcium and it is recommended to feed those to your dogs instead of giving those tums which can cause some problems later on.

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2 Comments On “Can Dogs Eat Tums”

  1. Ha ha, ive given my dogs tums before but it seemed to only worsen their condition… my dogs ended up throwing up several times after and i had to take them to a hospital… I don’t recommend giving your dogs Tums as the site says 😀


    • Hi Sam,
      Puppy actually says that although dogs can eat them, it is not recommended unless your vet specifically recommends it.


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