can dogs eat tomatoes

Can dogs eat tomatoes

  • Dogs can NOT eat tomatoes

Can dogs eat tomatoes?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat tomatoes?

Dogs can NOT eat tomatoes!

It is important to know that not all foods human beings eat are fit with the health of the dogs; some can harm dogs.

Many dogs are fed on food left-overs made of different ingredients. Although dogs sometimes eat tomatoes,they are not healthy for them, instead, tomatoes can make them seriously ill.

Tomatoes should not be given to dogs. This is because they can cause tremors as well as heart arrhythmia  Besides the tomato fruits being unsafe, their plants are equally considered to be most toxic.

Post by: Adrian Sau

Last Edited: June 22nd, 2024

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115 Comments On “can dogs eat tomatoes”

  1. As stated, this is incorrect. Green tomatoes and tomato vines are poisonous. However, ripe red tomatoes are provide a healthy supplement for a dog, just as they do for humans.


  2. you say a dog cannot have tomatoes. My Vet told me to put a little tomato paste on my dogs food because her acid showed low when she had a blood test.


    • According to all the research we have done tomatoes are very unhealthy for dogs. Perhaps your dog had a deficiency in something where a little bit of tomato paste would not hurt.

      If your vet recommended it I would assume you can trust him/her but I would not suggest others give them to their dogs without consulting their vets first.


  3. Thank you for the info.

    I was about to give my dog a tomato when I figures I might as well look it up first.

    Thanks for the post, you have saved me from giving my dog a tomato…


  4. I have heard that tomatoes can harm your dogs.


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