Can Dogs Eat Tofu

Can dogs eat tofu

  • Dogs can eat┬átofu

Can dogs eat tofu?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat tofu?
Dogs can eat tofu!

Tofu is safe to be given to your dogs. Tofu is the best source of protein which does not come from animals. If your dog is a vegetarian or does not like to eat pork, then tofu is the best alternative. Tofu also helps lower blood cholesterol level not just in humans but also for dogs.
Tofu is also one of the safest sources of proteins. It did not undergo any chemical processing which makes it healthier than any dog foods found at your local supermarket. If your dog does not want any form of meat but you still want him to receive the adequate nutrition then it would be best to serve him with cooked tofu. Dogs have a larger protein requirement than us almost a third of their meal is made up of proteins. Protein is essential for muscle development as well as tissue repairs. It would be best to serve your dog some protein rich food if he or she has just undergone a surgery or have some wounds.
You can serve the tofu raw but some dogs have a sensitive digestive system and experiences diarrhea. It will be best you will be serving them cooked tofu instead of raw ones.

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