Can Dogs Eat Seafood

Can dogs eat seafood

  • Dogs can eat seafood

Can dogs eat seafood?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat seafood?

Dogs can eat seafood!

Sea foods are generally safe for your dogs if you will be feeding them in small amounts and cooked sea foods. Sea foods like salmon and trout can’t be eaten by your dog especially if it is raw since your dog can suffer from parasitism. Raw sea foods should also be avoided because it can cause a vitamin B deficiency which often leads to your dog experiencing seizures, loss of appetite and even death.

If you want to feed your dog with sea foods ask your vet first if your dog is allergic to any kinds of sea foods. You should also ask how much seafood can your dog have every week. If you will be giving sea foods to your dog, make sure that there are no bones which can cause lacerations to your dog’s stomach or even obstruction. Obstructions caused by fish bones often needs surgical management which can be quite expensive.  Make sure to remove all the bones or shells of the sea foods you will be giving to your dog.

You might also want to introduce one seafood at a time so that in case an allergic reaction occurs, you can determine which seafood your dog is allergic to. Make sure also not to give your dog with table scraps of seafood since this often causes stomach ache and vomiting.

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  2. seafood is a good food for dogs.

    Some sea food may be toxic for dogs, so make sure you look up the exact food.


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